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Dairy Science and Horticulture

Department of Dairy Science and Horticulture established in the year 1986, is one of the leading departments of Padmashri Vikhe Patil College which conducts academic programmes at UG with the support of one teacher.

Under graduate courses are offered under restructured streams for Science and Arts students. This course is job and skill oriented. It is coupled with project work, which forms an attractive interdisciplinary component of restructured stream offered to the students from Science as well as Arts faculty.

The staff members are actively engaged in extension activities, which strengthen the students and farmers.

So far the department has organised fifteen university level workshops. The department has collaboration with Mahatama Phule Agriculture University, Rahuri, Dr. Babasaheb Sawant Krishi Vidyapeth, Dapoli, Regional Coconut Research Centre, Bhate, Ratanagiri, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Babhaleshwar, Institute of Agriculture and Dairy Science, Loni and College of Agricultural Biotechnology, Loni for academic and extension activities.

Nursery is well maintained with ex situ conservation of some rare endangered and medicinal plants collected from Western ghats. Such plants are multiplied and planted at different places in collaboration with forest department and taken care of by the department as an extension activity. Coconut fruit nuts are purchased from the Regional Coconut Research Centre, Bhate, Ratanagiri, are raised in the nursery and are sold to farmers only. This practice generates revenue. Maintenance of 435 coconuts, 52 mangos, 20 Sapota, Garden plants and landscape is carried out by the department. Farmers and students from the area are trained in Hi-tech Floriculture technologies by arranging workshops in the Polyhouse constructed by the College. The polyhouse consists of ten different flowering varieties of gerbera, which were purchased from Holland Collaborated Kumar Floristic Ltd, Pune. Department has a good library consisting of 80 books and 05 magazines. The department has well maintained dairy farm with 5 cows and two Bulls. The dung, litters from the college campus and agricultural waste from the dairy farm is used for preparation of vermicompost, which is used in the campus. Dairy farm has a 4 hectares field reserved for growing fodder and horticulture crops, which is well equipped with agricultural, horticultural and dairy implements. Department arrange on field workshops to the farmers and students at different localities for enlighten them in the recent technologies in Embryo transplant, Clean and Safe milk production, Milking machine technology and horticultural technologies food processing, improved varieties of fodder crops and green house technologies. Self employment is generated through own dairy farm business and dairy by product shops.


Sr. No. Name of teacher Designation Qualification
1. Dr. Vikhe A.M Head & Assistant Prof. M.Sc. Ph. D

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