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The department of Economics in this college was established since the inception of college. Five students offered Economics as a Special subject in the first batch. In those days ours was the only department which made available study in Economics at undergraduate level. There was an increasing demand from people and students to start Post-graduate department. Hence college management had started M.A. Economics in 1981. The Post-graduate department is helpful for students as well as farmers, Co-Op. Banks, Co-Op. Societies etc. At present more than 660 students are studying in the department. With the increase in student strength and looking at the future requirements, steps had been taken to widen the infrastructure facilities and create an ambience for excellent teaching, learning and other personality development activities of the learners. Department has a separate departmental library apart from the central library of college. The library is run by students. The library has about 130 books, 5 journals, 40 project reports. The faculty offer project based education under \91C\92 component programme at final year of UG. Research facilities enable the students to scale academic heights on the same campus. P.G. course is offered under semester pattern. The faculty members provide academic and personal counseling during the admission entry level, regarding selection of optional subjects, competitive exams, scope of the subject employment opportunities, etc. Besides learning in theory classes, students also learn themselves by using computers, internet services, debating competitions, tutorials/homework, project work etc. are assigned to them. It helps them in independent learning. Students learn & collect a lot of information during tours. Seminars by students on the topics of their interest help to enhance their perception of the subject. Project work assigned to them also help in independent learning. This helps students to set methodology for their work, which in turn helps them to write economic articles. Research has become the continuous activity of the department. The staff members are engaged in research work apart from teaching work. So far two minor research projects have been completed. The department has published 22 research papers to this date. The staff members also present their research findings in the National and International Seminars / Conferences. Through research work, the department handles different issues to find some solutions on the economic problems which in turns helps the extension activity of the department The department also organizes guest lectures and lecture series to keep abreast developments in various fields especially on current topics.


Faculty Profile:

Sr. No. Name of Teacher Designation Qualifications
1. Dr. Rasal R. G. Head and Vice Principal M.A. ,M.Phil.,Ph.D.
2. Mr. Gonde S. A. Assistant Professor M.A. , M.Phil.
3. Mr. Kadu R. B. Assistant Professor M.A.
4. Mr. R.B. Lavhate Assistant Professor M. A. SET

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