Arts, Commerce and Science College, Satral

Alumni Association

Alumni Coordination Committee

Sr.No Name Designation 
1 Dr.S.N.Shingote  Chairman
2 Mr.D.S.Aute Co-ordinator
3 Mr.V.S.Palghadmal Member
4 Mr.H.L.Divekar Member
5 Ms.S.G.Dighe Member 
6 Ms.S.P.Kadu Member
7 Mrs.L.H.Pandure Member






Sr.NO. Name Designation
1 Mr.Patil Balraj Vasantrao President
2 Ms.Nalkar Jyoti Sahebrao Vice President
3 Dr.Shingote Sopan Narayan Secretary
4 Mr.Aute Dilip Shankar Additional Secretary
5 Dr. Tajane Umesh Annasaheb Treasure
6 Dr.Shinde Nvanath Bhausaheb Member
7 Mr. Antre Pramod Subhash Member
8 Mr.Palghadmal Vinod Sahadu Member
9 Ms.Kadu Swati Popat Member
10 Ms.Dighe Sharayu Gitaram Member
11 Mr.Dighe Vaibhav Kishor Member



  • To provide a common platform for the interaction between the present and past students.
  • To extend co-operation regarding economical, educational, professional and legal issues as per rules.
  • To encourage students for higher education.
  • Solve the domestic and individual problems of the members.
  • Bring about social change like eradication of out dated traditions, dowery system and casteism.
  • To include the virtues of patriotism national integration.
  • Increase health awareness in the society.
  • To propagate and educate the society regarding various government scheme.
  • Introduction of special Programme for senior citizens, women and children.
  • Initiate activities for the removal of illiteracy, untouchably and diseases.

Contribution of Alumni

  • Alumni of the college meet periodically and interact with the faculty members and principal. They make necessary suggestion for the academic development, infrastructure facilities and extracurricular activities of the college.
  • Alumni always motivate and guide the present students.
  • So far the alumni have contributed an amount of Rs-37,260.
  • The alumni association is actively involved in counseling students on academic and domestic issues.

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