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About Department:

The Department of Botany is established in 2003. The department has two teaching faculties who participate in various seminars, conferences and workshops. The department has a separate and well equipped laboratory where all facilities are available for conducting the practical work. The department has a departmental library which contains 50 reference books and 05 journals.

Courses Offered: Botany subject at F.Y and S.Y.B.Sc. level.

Faculty Profile:

Sr. No.





Dr.Vikhe Pratibha Sopanrao

Asst. Professor

M.Sc., B.Ed., PhD.


Miss. Sonawane Yogita Sitaram

Asst. Professor


Departmental Achievement:

  • The department has collaboration with KVK Bhabhaleshwar, for the training students in Nursery Management, Spirullina and Azolla cultivation.

  • The department has collaboration with Avinash Pharmaceuticals and Herbals Pvt. Limited, Hanumantgaon, to provide training to students and staff for the Mushroom cultivation and also has collaboration with Avishkar bio-farm in order to create awareness among farmers for bio-fertilizer production.

  • The faculty members have published research papers in national and international seminars, conferences.

  • Dr.P.S Vikhe has been awarded for best research paper at national level seminar.

  • Department has organised mushroom cultivation workshop.


Any other information:

  • Department has arranged National Seminar entitled, “Environmental Awareness: A Need of 21st Century”.

  • Well maintained botanical garden with conservation of rare, endangered, and medicinal plants which has received applauds from the common people.

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