Arts, Science & Commerce College, Alkuti

Competitive Examination Cell


Competitive Examination Cell (Pravara Quest) was established in August 2016 to guide the students in aspiring for competitive examinations in the college.


  • To provide the students guidance about competitive examinations.
  • To bring to the students renowned resource persons in order to impart specialized guidance.
  • To create a conducive ambience in the college for competitive examination.


Sr. No. Subject Faculty
1. History Prof. Chate A.K.
2. Geography Prof.. Sonawane V.V
3. Public Administration Prof.. Dharvande S.S.
4. Economics Prof. Panmand D.B.
5. Environment Prof.. Shelke S.N.
6. General Science Prof. Balsane S.V.
7. Comprehension Prof. Miss. Borude S.B.
8. Communication and interpersonal skills Prof.Getam S.K.
9. Reasoning and Analytical Ability Prof.Zaware R.J.
10. Decision making and problem solving Prof.Mrs.Thorat S.S.
11. General mental ability Prof. Miss. More D.R.
12. Basic Numeric Prof. Miss. Sathe S.M.
13. English language comprehension skills Prof. JadhavB.R.
14. Current Affairs Prof. Parkhe S.S.

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