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About Library :-

The library in Alkuti College is started with its establishment in 2004. The College library is the main center of the student to carry out their scholastic activities and hence almost care is taken to keep it open for the maximum number of days and hours . Each student is entitled to get two cards for lending the book to home for 7 days. 

The college has well equipped library with Reference Section, Journal Section, and Reading Hall. The library has unique collection of Encyclopedia, Handbooks, Reference books, Textbooks, Journals etc.

Each department also has its own library with textbooks & Reference books. Circulation system of books is based on book card . Library is a part of institute-Intranet. Our aim is to increase Quality Books & Journals every year, and to motivate more and more number of Students & Staff to make use of Library facilities.


Name of Faculty Designation Qualification Contact /Email  
Smt.Mhaske C.M. Librarian M.A.,Bed 8007835585
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Mr. Sonavane V.S.

Library Attendant H.S.C. 8308149633
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Library Advisory Committee:

Sr. No.

Name of Member Designation
  Dr.Pawar R.R. Chairman
  Mr.Parkhe S.S. Member
  Mr. Chate A.K. Member



Library has one server, with One PC on Internet.

Library Hours :-

Monday to Saturday:-9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Classification System:- D D C

Library Collection:

1 Total Books 4067
2 Gift 97
3 Book bank Books 5114
4 Pravara Quest 5436
5 Ref. Books 952
6 News Papers 03

Rules and Regulation:-

 • Only registered member of Library are allowed to use the library facilities.

 • Home lending is made available against the readers ticket provided to them.

 • Card is not transferable.

 • Fine one rupees per day is charged, if the book is not returned within specific period.

 • Student must produce their Identity Card whenever demanded.

 • Readers shall not write in, mark , disfigure, damage the library books and furniture.

 • The readers should not replace any book in the shelves. 

  • Library Services:- .
  • Open Access System for all our students & staff.
  • On line Public Access Catalogue facility.
  • Reading Room Services.
  • Future Plan Bar Code based Issue / Return facility.
  • Photocopy Facility.
  • News Paper Clippings.
  • Reference Service.
  • User Awareness
  • Internet Facility.
  • Current Awareness Services.
  • Inter Library Loan

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